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transparent carbon fiber infrared heating lamp
Product Name:
transparent carbon fiber infrared heating lamp

 Product name: transparent carbon fiber heating lamp

1) High temperature resistant
2) High erosion resistance
3) Quartz heating tube don't paint, radiation rate stability
4) High temperature deformation
5) Without harmful radiation, no environmental pollution
6) Chemical stability, thermal inertia small
7) Thermal response speed, thermal conversion efficiency

1) FIR therapeutic function
2) Energy Saving with electricity-heat transformation rate reaching 98%
3) Environmental protecting and safe with dim light and no UV radiation
4) Above 8, 000 hours of serving life

Technical Parameters: 

Voltage(V) 24V-380V Color temperature    700-1500°c     
Watts 100W-3000W  Power error   -8%˜+5%
Tube length Based on your needs     Length error +/- 2mm
Tube diameter 8mm-15mm Diameter error +/-0.1mm
Infrared wavelength 2.0-10um Color temperature 800-1500K
The thermal conversion efficiency 98% Surface temperature 500-900°c
The conversion efficiency of thermal radiation                                            ≥70% Highest heat endured 1100°c


SIO2 :

99.9 %

Density :


Degree of hardness moh' scale :


Melting point:


Working temperature :


Max temperature can reach in a short time :


Acid tolerance:

30 times than Ceramics , 150 times than Stainless steel

Visible light transmittance :

above 93%

UV spectral region transmittance:


Resistance value :

10000 times than ordinary glass

Annealing point:


softening point:


Strain point: