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U shaped full woven carbon fiber heating tube
Product Name:
U shaped full woven carbon fiber heating tube

Full woven carbon fiber heating Lamp


1 The biggest advantage is that long lifetime:

More than 10000—15000 hours.

Soft lighting and High stability.

Strong health care function.

Electricity-heat transformation rate reaching 99%


2 Carbon fiber heating technical parameters:

Voltage(V) 24V-380V Color temperature 700-1500°c
Watts 100W-4000W Power error -8%˜+5%
Tube length Based on your needs Length error +/- 1mm
Tube diameter 8mm-20mm Diameter error +/-0.1mm
Infrared wavelength 2.0-10um Color temperature 800-1500K
The thermal conversion efficiency 98% Surface temperature 500-900°c
The conversion efficiency of thermal radiation ≥70% Highest heat  endured 1280°c


3 Carbon fiber heating tube contains the following items:

No1. Transparent carbon infrared heating lamp

No2. Reflective carbon infrared heating lamp

No3. Ruby carbon infrared heating lamp

No4. Ring shape carbon infrared heating lamp

No5. U-shape carbon infrared heating lamp

No6.  Pear shape carbon infrared heating lamp

No7. Other shape based on your needs.

4  Product application:

1 Health care and heating apparatus

2Drying equipment and cooking device

3 Bathroom warmer special

4Pet heating special

5Outer heater special

6Car paint special

7 Printing dryer special

8Sterilizing device and brewage fermentation  and other uses

Widely used in fields of space heating, drying of lacquer, printing ink and micro-wave oven,baking box, heaters and so on.

We can also design and produce carbon fibre heating tubes according to the needs of customers on operating voltage, 
power, size, length etc.