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Ruby Halogen Infrared Heater Lamp
Product Name:
Ruby Halogen Infrared Heater Lamp

Product name ruby infrared halogen heating lamp
Wave  Short wave,wave length2-3um
Voltage 120-400 V
Watt 500-4000W
Color Temperature 1240K
Long Life More than 5000hours
Type Sk15, r7s, X ,Round
Length 100-3000mm
Tube Outer diameter 10mm,12mm,15mm,20mm
style Straight, round, U-shaped, pear shaped, racket -shaped

Benefits and features 

(1)Long life:5000h on average

(2)High speed:within a second to switch on

(3)High power density:up to 110W/cm

(4)Flexible:special emitter designing service on demand is available

(5)High efficiency:more than 85% heat efficiency of full power

(6)High controllability:neither ballast nor special circuits are necessary for basic usage

(7)No air draughts:because of radiation

(8)Clean and odorless:no risk of contamination over environment or target object to be heated

(9)Extensive assortment:many types of voltage,wattage,length,base,cables,universal burning position is available

Product Applications: 

1. Car painting
2. High temperature disinfection
3. Food baking, heating and heat preservation
4. Industrial production oven
5. High temperature curing for glue and printing ink
6. PET bottle blowing, laminating
7. Paper drying
8. Wood drying and preheating before painting
9. Plastic softening and synthesis, cable production
10. Beauty apparatus,, infrared physical therapy care
11. Infrared drying for shoes making machine
12. Infrared heating lamps for wave soldering, reflow soldering equipment